Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming lived in Kitzbühel for three years in the second part of the 1920’s and often returned to his beloved mountain resort until the beginning of the Second Word War. His »golden years« in Kitzbühel strongly influenced his later novels.

Fleming’s Bond has a worldwide name recognition of 95%. Kitzbühel is considered one of the most famous ski resorts in the world. Fireball now unites these two universal brands in an exciting and unique event.

Fireball is a unique event. Its aim is to abduct visitors into Ian Fleming’s world of suspense and mystery, while turning Kitzbühel into an accessible, multi-dimensional story about the author’s life and works. 

In honour of Roger Moore, who passed away in 2017, this year's motto will be »Live and Let Die«. In his first appearance as James Bond, Moore battles Baron Samedi, an incredibly evil Voodoo priest. Eerie Voodoo Magic will be at work on the white slopes of Kitzbühel, in the glamorous Casino, around the small, dark alleys or at the final, bombastic Fireball Gala. There will be absolutely no escaping the spine-chilling Voodoo vibe! 

The most complete skier will be determined in the world’s biggest pullover ski race. The challenge continues in the Casino, where a nerve-racking Black Jack-, Roulette and Baccarat tournament rewards the coolest gambler. However, winning the combined results of these two hair-raising competitions makes for the true king/queen of the Fireball.

Flemings Bond hat einen weltweiten Bekanntheitsgrad von Fünfundneunzig Prozent. Jeder zweite Mensch auf dem Planeten hat einen James Bond Film gesehen. Kitzbühel gilt als der wohl berühmteste Skiort der Welt. Der Fireball bringt diese beiden Weltmarken in einem einzigartigen Event zusammen.