Take Five »Live And Let Die« Around Midnight on Friday, the legendary Club Take Five will host a party for the guests of Fireball. Party animals, however, should bear in mind that the ski races begin at 9.00 am the next morning. There will be another “Live and Let Die” Party on Saturday, which will go on into the early morning hours, after the Fireball Gala. Admission 30 €

Lichtl – On Friday after the Casino, from 21.30, there will be a Kick off party at the Lichtl Pub (right opposite the Hotel zur Tenne -1st Floor). But beware, the ski race starts early the next morning!


Those who have additionally competed in the ski race, can gather points for the grand Ian Fleming combination prize.

The Casino challenge will take place in the Casino Kitzbühel. Every participant will receive 10 specially minted Ian Fleming Chips. The aim is to acquire as many chips as possible playing Black Jack or Roulette. The competitor with the greatest number of chips wins the competition.

Fireball – Gala

Hotel Zur Tenne - Fireball Gala

The highlight of the weekend is invitation-only. Please forward questions to info@fireballkitz.com. 

The elegant Fireball is the ideal way to conclude the three-day event. Men in black ties and sexy Bond-girls drinking Martini cocktails will enjoy a delicious three-course meal and be dancing wildly to the music of DJ's Ivo & Doublegu. The prize ceremony will be held during and after dinner..

Praxmayr – Ian Fleming and Kitzbühel – a love story

Professor John Sturgess tells stories from the life of Ian Fleming while accompanying them on his Ukulele with hits from the 20’ and 30’s. Ian Fleming met the love of his life, Waitress Lisl Popper, here.

HOTEL ZUR TENNE BAR - Shaken not stirred

Enjoy the best possible Martini Cocktails in the legendary bar of the Hotel Zur Tenne in the centre of town. Music from James Bond movies will supply the perfect vibe.

LONDONER PUB - »On Her Majesty's Secret Service«

The après ski hot spot, Londoner, will season its playlist with bond hits. A special Bond-Drink will be created for guests of the Fireball. After all, James Bond was an Englishman!

CENTRO - Life's too short to deal with bad food

The Pizzeria Centro will be dipped in an audio-visual James Bond Voodoo flavour. Only the best Italian specialties are good enough for Agents of her Majesty.


Kick-off party after the Casino on Freitag starting at 21.30.

Horse drawn sleigh ride

Kitzbühel’s legendary Franz Gasteiger and his crew invite you to a thrilling horse carriage ride along the tracks of Ian Fleming. An integrated sound system with Bond-Soundtracks will provide the perfect setting!


A group of circus artists dressed in voodoo style will be lurking all around Kitzbühel creating a spine-chilling atmosphere. Let them surprise you!